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Colin Fletcher

“I’ve been to a few different physiotherapists, but Thomas is hands down the best at what he does. He doesn’t just give me a temporary fix, but rather he works with me to change the behaviour that lead to the issue in the first place. He’s always super professional and has a nice clean space for his set up. I highly recommend Thomas, go see him for all your physio needs.”

Angelica Cruz

"I've been dealing with chronic wrist pain that had been impeding my workouts. I finally decided to get it checked out by a physiotherapist. Thomas took the time to figure out what the issue was and not only helped treat it while I was in the clinic, but he always gave me exercises I could do on my own to help strengthen it faster. I'm now able to workout with little to no pain."

Kelven Chen

“Going to Thomas for physiotherapy has been a great addition to my overall fitness routine. He's able to treat aches and pains that come up so that I can get back to training as soon as possible. He's very professional and friendly and I'd recommend him to anyone looking to treat injuries or anyone that just wants to maintain healthy movement."

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